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Bank Australia open to serve our customers: As an essential service under the shutdowns announced Sunday evening by the Victorian and New South Wales governments, our branches and contact centres will remain open to serve our customers with their banking needs over the coming days and weeks. You can still get in touch with us by phone on 132 888 from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. It may take us longer to answer your call as more customers choose to call rather than come into a branch so thanks in advance for your patience and please take care of yourselves. View details

Interest rate
0.05% p.a.
Bonus rate
1.60% p.a.
Bonus Saver rate
1.65% p.a.

effective 21 February 2020

More rates and fees
Other Rates
Balance Interest rate up to Bonus rate
$1-$4,999 0.05% p.a. 1.60% p.a.
$5,000+ 0.05% p.a. 1.60% p.a.
Fees and Charges
Staff-assisted transaction $2.50

A savings account that can create positive impact

A truly responsible bank can make society better. We use the money our customers deposit to make loans to people, community organisations and businesses that create positive change. By choosing to bank with us, you will have peace of mind knowing your money won’t be supporting the growth of harmful industries.

Earn bonus interest

 Deposit $100 or more into your account each month without any withdrawals to earn our bonus rate.

You can help make a positive difference

By moving your banking Bank Australia you are ensuring your money isn’t supporting the fossil fuel industry or industries that harm people and the planet. 

No monthly account fee 

All transactions are free*

Why choose our Bonus Saver account?

It all adds up with Round UP

Let your small change grow your savings

A truly responsible bank can make society better

We use the money our customers deposit to make loans to people, community organisations and businesses that create positive change. When you bank with Bank Australia, you can be confident your money is working towards a positive and more sustainable future. 

That’s why we’re the bank with clean money.

The fine print

General advice warning: In providing you with this information you should consider the appropriateness of this advice with regards to your particular financial situation and needs. You should consult the Product Disclosure Documents before making a decision to apply for products with Bank Australia.

Terms, conditions, fees and charges may be applicable.

Bank Australia is committed to delivering memorable and superior service to all customers. We welcome your feedback, compliments and/or complaints about our performance.