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Habitat 141

The Bank Australia Conservation Reserve is located in the Wimmera region of Western Victoria. The reserve lies within a recognised biodiversity hotspot - so this project has national conservation significance.

An important region for biodiversity

The Bank Australia Conservation Reserve lies within Habitat 141, a region spanning 18 million hectares, connecting the wild coast of South Australia with the woodlands and wetlands habitat of Western Victoria and the rugged rangelands of New South Wales. In much of this region of Australia, there has been biodiversity loss on a large scale since European settlement. The good news is that small remnants of original vegetation still exist and are supporting threatened animal and plant species. Our reserve is one such place offering a high density of important habitats for a range of threatened species.1

By establishing our reserve in this region, we have taken up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect these iconic Australian landscapes, vegetation types and threatened species. As Habitat 141 continues to grow, native wildlife and plants will be able to resume natural migration patterns through this region connecting the desert and high country to the ocean. 

Three unique properties

There are three locations that make up the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve.


Purchased in 2008, the Minimay property is the cornerstone of the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve at 525 hectares. The Minimay property boasts several valuable wetlands and a rich supply of buloke woodland including nesting holes for South Eastern Red Tailed Black Cockatoos to eat and make homes. There is only an estimated 3% of buloke woodland vegetation left in Victoria, so the preservation of these sites is important. You can see an overview of the vegetation zones within our Minimay property.


Purchased in 2010, this property was recommended to by Trust for Nature for its high conservation significance. The property has remnant vegetation and links two large areas of remnant forest north and south of the perimeter. The dominant remnant vegetation on the site is stringybark trees which are an important food source for South-Eastern Red Tailed Black Cockatoos. This property is 236 hectares.


Purchased in 2012, the acquisition of the Booroopki property offered the bank the opportunity to continue to protect buloke woodland and to restore areas that had buloke dominated vegetation. The property is also in a zone containing several other reserves, offering landscape connectivity. The total size of the Booroopki property is 166 hectares, bringing the reserve to 927 hectares.

You can see the location of the three properties in respect to southern Australia and the Habitat 141 region here.