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Bank Australia ATMs

Sometimes you need cash. Here’s how to access yours here at home and around the world. Learn about Bank Australia ATMs and our network.

A man walks past a Bank Australia ATM

ATM locations

Bank Australia customers have fee free access to ATMs – including Bank Australia ATMs and those of all the major banks. 

  • Bank Australia
  • ANZ
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • NAB
  • Westpac

Please note, you may be charged by the ATM owner to use a rediATM. 

Debit vs credit cards charges

There are no fees or charges to withdraw cash from our network of ATMs. But if you withdraw funds from a credit card, other fees and charges apply. 

If you’re not a Bank Australia customer and use one of our ATMs, a fee will apply.

Find a Bank Australia ATM

Our ATMs are located at the following branches:

  • Moe
  • Traralgon

For accessibility purposes, Bank Australia ATMs are audio-enabled via a headphone jack and have a tactile dot on the 5 key. 

Overseas ATMs

Your card will work across the Visa international network – find their ATMs using this tool

When you withdraw cash from an ATM (press credit) or over the counter at a bank, you must take out at least $20.00 AUD (equivalent) but not more than $1,000.00 AUD (equivalent) per day. Some countries have their own withdrawal limits that may apply.

For an estimate of exchange rates, use this tool.

Common questions about ATMs


You may be charged a fee if you make a withdrawal at an ATM that isn’t owned by us or a major bank, or if you use a rediATM.

If you select ‘Credit’, there’s a $3.50 fee for domestic withdrawals.  

For foreign cash withdrawals, there’s a fee of $3.50 for Visa debit and credit cards. The foreign cash withdrawal fee for Platinum Rewards Visa cards is $5.00. You will also be charged an international transaction fee of 3%.


You can change your PIN at any Bank Australia ATM, as long as you know your current PIN. You can always change your pin using the Bank Australia app or Internet Banking.


Sorry, but you can't make deposits at our ATMs. To make a deposit, you can visit one of our branches or deposit for free using Bank@Post.

Need help?

Send us a secure message via the app or internet banking

Or call us

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