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Changing your details

How to update your details with us including your name, address, gender and business information.

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Here’s how to change your personal or login details – plus what you can do about cards, gender, joint account changes and closing your account.

Change personal details

Go to internet banking to change your address, and other contact details:

  • Log in and go to ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Address details’ or ‘Contact details’
  • Then enter an SMS code or accept a token authorisation via VIP 

Or you can call us. Please note that this can't be done via the app.

Change name

To change your name, visit a branch with evidence of name change (marriage certificate, birth certificate, or deed poll). 

If you can’t visit a branch, please take a copy of the document and have it certified, then send it to us with the change of details form.

Gender affirmation

Please get in touch and we can sort this out for you easily – your verbal confirmation is all we need. You can do it by secure mail in the app or internet banking, or by calling us or visiting a branch. If you’re in the process of transitioning and haven’t yet legally changed your name, we can add a chosen name to your account, which our staff will respectfully use when assisting you.

Change business details

If it’s your contact details, then you can request this by secure mail in the app or internet banking, or by calling us or visiting a branch

Other business change requests, like changing signatories, will need proof or documentation. Contact us and we can help you get started.

Login details 

Card PIN

  • Log in to internet banking, go to ‘Services’ and select ‘Card Management’ 
  • Select ‘Change PIN’ next to your Card.
  • Enter and confirm your new PIN using the keypad on the screen
  • Select ‘Change PIN’

Internet banking passcode

You can do it yourself in internet banking or you can call us

In internet banking:

  • Click the ‘Forgotten password’ link 
  • Answer the security questions
  • Receive a temporary password via SMS 
  • Change your password


You can change it in the app. If you can’t get into the app, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ from the app menu
  • Select 'Forgot my app PIN'
  • Click 'Deregister device’
  • Then log back in with your customer number and internet banking password, and you’ll be prompted to create a new PIN

Phone banking password 

To reset your phone banking password, please call us or visit a branch.

Changing joint account access

With our joint accounts, you can both access, deposit and withdraw from the joint account whenever you like. 

If you’d prefer, we can change it around so that you both must authorise transactions. 

Call us to change how your account is set up or if you’d like to set up your own accounts. 

Close account

With most personal savings and transaction accounts, you can call us or visit a branch and we can close your account on the spot. If it’s a joint account, we may need both of you to sign off on it. Joint owners can provide closure authorisation separately via phone, branch or Secure Mail.

There’s more to it for other accounts:

  • Home loans – learn about paying it off or moving to another lender
  • Personal and car loans – you can pay it off whenever you like and your account will automatically close
  • Term deposits – what to do at the end of your term or if you need early access
  • Christmas savings – how to access your funds earlier than the November withdrawal date
  • Business accounts – see the checks and signatories required to close your account

Need help?

Send us a secure message in the app or internet banking

Or call us

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