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Clean energy loans for Australia's clean energy future

More than 440 Clean Energy Home Loans to help our customers green their homes

We offer a range of ways to help people, businesses and not-for-profits lower emissions and transition Australia to a clean emissions future.


Our Clean Energy Home Loan rewards customers buying or building green homes or making ambitious green upgrades

We lend to green, affordable and community-focused housing projects that are helping to make our cities and regions more sustainable. 

What is clean energy?

Clean energy is about switching to renewables and using less energy. It’s a key part of transitioning to a future with low or zero emissions. Our clean energy lending is focused on including both our operational emissions and the emissions we finance in our lending portfolio.

Why we do clean energy loans

We’ve got a target to reach net zero by 2035, including both our operational emissions and the emissions we finance in our lending portfolio. We accept the science of climate change, and the impact of non-renewable fossil fuels on the environment and our climate are well documented. Now, more than ever, we must transition to a decarbonised world.

Bank Australia’s policy

We don’t lend to the fossil fuel industry. Read more about our negative screens for coal, oil and gas and related industries.

Scroll down to find out how impact finance has contributed towards accelerating a clean energy future for Australia.


Clean Energy Home Loan

Building or renovating? By adding solar panels, window glazing, insulation and more, you could qualify for a reduced interest rate on a Clean Energy Home Loan. Likewise if you build a 7+ star rated home.

  • 100% offset
  • Pay it off early at no cost
  • To buy, build or upgrade
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Above: 7+-star rated home in Cape Paterson
Above: Michelle and Nathan, Bank Australia Clean Energy Home Loan customers

Customer story

How Michelle built her sustainable dream home

"We've reduced our environmental impact and have fewer bills, which means we can spend that money on the everyday costs of raising a family, and invest our time in our growing community.”

Customer stories

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LEV Car Loan

Buying a hybrid or electric vehicle? The LEV Car Loan is our way of saying thanks on behalf of the planet. We want to reward you for choosing an LEV (low emission vehicle) with a lower interest rate and no fees.

  • LEV reduced interest rate
  • No establishment fee
  • Carbon offset
  • Fixed rate
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Above: LEV vehicle at Cape Patterson, VIC

Contact the impact lending team

If your organisation needs debt to scale its impact, get in touch with our impact lending team.

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