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Not for profit and for-purpose lending

number of homes built for people with a disability

We lend to not-for-profit and for-purpose community and business customers who provide vital services and advocacy in areas like disability support, education and environmental conservation.


Our environmental impact – like sourcing 100% renewable electricity

Our investments and products – like who we do and don’t lend money to

We lend to not-for-profit and for-purpose community and business customers who provide vital services and advocacy in areas such as: peak bodies, animal conservation, welfare services, disability support, education, environmental conservation and social inclusion.

What are for- purpose and not-for-profit or organisations?

A not-for-profit is an organisation like a charity that exists to deliver its purpose, not for the profit or benefit of particular people. Any money a not-for-profit does make must be put back into the organisation to continue delivering on its purpose.
A for-purpose organisation is similar in that it driven by purpose, however it may make some profit - a social enterprise is an example.

Why we do not-for-profit finance

Not-for-profit and for-purpose organisations exist for a reason - they're here to help. So we help them. People and organisations in this sector can do everything from: campaign on climate or on rights for workers, support people with disability or vulnerable people at-risk, provide employment services to young people, provide services to support better societal outcomes, or first nations land justice and economic self-determination.

Bank Australia's policy

This matters to us because through these organisations we help support those who are having a positive impact for people and the planet.

Scroll down to find out how impact finance has helped support purpose-led organisations to achieve their goals.

Impact story

From landfill site to urban farm, CERES is a global leader in sustainability

An environmental education centre, community garden, urban farm and social enterprise hub all rolled into one, Bank Australia customer CERES has inspired people to fall in love with the earth for the past 40 years.

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