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13 books, docos and podcasts on climate change to check out right now

March 6, 2024
December 2, 2021

We asked Bank Australia staff and customers for their favourite books, podcasts and documentaries on the climate crisis and how to take climate action. Unsurprisingly, they delivered.

As the year winds down and we all start to make plans for how to spend our well-earned break, we’ve got a suggestion: how about making some time to educate yourself on the climate crisis?

We’ve put together a list of books, docos and podcasts – with some help from our staff and customers – that are worth digging into. And while they may not be as pulpy as the latest Liane Moriarty, they’re absolute page-turners that will encourage debate and inspire action.


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The Carbon Club by Marian Wilkinson

What happens when you get a bunch of climate-science sceptics, politicians and business owners together? You get scared that taking climate action might make you lose a bunch of money/power, so you form a special club that retains fossil fuels as one of Australia’s main sources of wealth. This investigative read by one of Australia’s most respected journalists is eye-opening, thought-provoking, grim… and essential.  

Superpower by Ross Garnaut

Australia is one of the sunniest countries on earth, so it makes sense that we’d be one of the leading providers of solar energy, right? We’ve got the resources, the scientific skills, and the interest – yet when it comes to investing in renewables, we’re lagging at the back of the race. Ross Garnaut explores how Australia could become a low-carbon country, offering a roadmap out of fossil fuels and into renewable energy, all dished up in an optimistic and practical way.

The New Climate War by Michael E. Mann

It’s hardly surprising that fossil fuel companies are the biggest polluters on the planet, yet they take zero responsibility about the part they play in the climate crisis. In fact, the bulk of those companies have spent the last 30 years putting the onus onto the individual, implying that we are to blame, due to flying, eating meat, and not recycling properly. Climate scientist Michael E. Mann offers up a plan on how to save our planet, with the predominant theme that all is not lost – particularly if we collectivise and work as a group.

Firestorm by Greg Mullins

Thrilling and informative, Firestorm answers the question: what’s it like fighting a catastrophic bushfire, and can we blame bigger, hotter, more destructive fires on climate change? Firefighter Greg Mullins has spent decades studying weather patterns and natural disaster risks, and provides a stark insight on where the planet is headed if we don’t take action now.


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Fight for Planet A

How much carbon do you think you emit? That’s the question posed by Craig Reucassel in this ABC documentary, who then challenges Aussie families to get that (usually big) figure down. The end result is an empowering and motivating way to reduce your carbon footprint and encourage those around you to do the same. It’s also available as a book.


Quiet and captivating, Honeyland follows the life of a Macedonian beekeeper. Hatidze spends her days caring for her elderly mother, tending to her hives of bees, and selling their honey at local market. Honeyland examines our relationship with nature, our need to provide for our families, and how to live harmoniously within communities.

Australian Story: The Godfather of Coral

Scientist Charlie Veron is a coral expert and has spent the majority of his life studying coral reefs around the world. Oh, and he’s a Bank Australia customer too. In a bold plan to help protect Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, he’s collected over 400 species of coral from the reef to preserve in a ‘coral ark’ – could this be the solution to saving the reef?


Worried about the world being created for his four-year-old daughter, filmmaker Damon Gameau set out to explore how we could improve the health of the planet based on solutions available to us now. From regenerative farming to decentralised renewable energy projects, 2040 provides hope that it’s not too late – or too hard – to make change.


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Outrage + Optimism

This podcast covers all things climate in a way that’s engaging, relatable and – well – kinda fun. Each episode includes what’s making headlines, conversations with changemakers, and provides the chance to turn challenges into opportunities.  

A Rational Fear

Do you like your climate conversations with a side of comedy? Join host Dan Ilic (he’s the one who erected a bunch of MASSIVE billboards in Times Square during the world climate conference) as he chats to comedians, journos and scientists on the current state of climate affairs in Australia and around the globe.

The Climate Question

From the BBC, The Climate Question explores the notion of why we find it so hard to take action on climate change, and offers strategies and solutions on how to change that. The half-hour episodes cover current events, interviews and inspiring stories.

How to Save a Planet

Host of How to Save a Planet Alex Blumberg is joined each week by a team of self-confessed climate nerds to chat all things climate in a way that’s informative, energising and upbeat. Plug in, and get ready to start making some seriously good changes in your home and work life.

Ocean Impact podcast

Hosted by the founders of the Ocean Impact Organisation (who also happen to be Bank Australia customers), the Ocean Impact podcast chats to inspiring Aussies doing exceptional things for the planet. Check out the interviews with Mike Smith, founder of Zeroco, Andrew Davies from B Lab, and our very own Fiona Nixon.

We’ve mentioned a few of our amazing and inspiring customers in this list. Check out more great businesses and people in the Bank Australia community here.

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