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7 podcasts that will change your life (no really)

March 14, 2024
June 2, 2021

If you think ethical or educational podcasts about business and the economy don’t sound like entertaining listening, think again. These purpose-driven podcasts will change the way you see the world.

Over the past few years, our team has united over one thing. (Well, actually, a few things – fighting the climate crisis, revegetating our conservation reserve, spreading the word about ethical banking, et cetera) But outside of trying to solve the world’s problems, we’ve come together over our love of podcasts –specifically, podcasts that are doing their bit to educate, inspire, and make the world a better place to live.

Here are a few of our favourites, featuring some amazing hosts and guests who happen to be part of the Bank Australia family.

1. Myths, Morals & Money – Small Giants

The team at Small Giants have partnered with This Jungian Life to deliver a fascinating deep dive into our current economic system, consumerism, overconsumption and the climate crisis. Join host Berry Lieberman as she chats with a range of guests on open up your ears to how we can shift our thinking and pivot to a new way of living.

2. Bird song and field recording – Tom Day on Art Breaker

You might remember Tom Day from the outstanding album he recorded for us out at the Conservation Reserve last year. Since then, he’s been tucked away in the studio writing, recording, and chatting with Lloyd Richards, host of the Art Breaker podcast. Tune in to hear about what inspires him, his process of field recording, both across Melbourne’s CBD and in nature, and how Tom’s relationship with the natural environment corresponds with his music. Want to hear more of his work? Check him out on Spotify here.

3. Purpose-driven marketing with Joel Trethowan – Leaders for Good

Joel is the MD and co-founder of Alchemy One, a purpose-driven media and partnerships agency striving to make the advertising industry a kinder place. (They’re also our media agency J) He chats to Leaders for Good on what inspired him to build a better business, their process of hiring (and keeping) great talent, their journey to becoming a B Corp and what they think about working with us. If you think you’re not into ‘business’ podcasts, wait until you hear this one.

4. Ocean Impact Organisation

You can easily lose multiple hours listening to the amazing podcast eps over at Ocean Impact Organisation. Throughout 2021, they’ve been chatting to participants of their Pitchfest 2020 program – including the delightful Joanne Howarth from Planet Protector Packaging (check out her article on our blog). Other top episodes include this one with Andrew Davies, CEO of B Lab Australia and New Zealand, and this one, with Bank Australia’s very own Fiona Nixon.

5. Julia & Jordy from Great Wrap – Shape the System

We’ve been fans of Julia and Jordy for a while now, and are thrilled to see them – and their Great Wrap product – taking over the cling wrap world. Listen in to hear about how they came up with a compostable cling wrap, the problem with plastic, and why plant-based products are the way of the future.

6. We Are Explorers

One of our favourite things about travel (sigh… remember travel?) was the conversations we had with fascinating people, like the guy who walked across the Mongolian steppe or the woman who trekked her way across Antarctica or the couple who lived up a tree for a year. But this podcast is the next best thing. Each episode, join host and founder of WAE Henry Brydon for eye-opening chats with extraordinary human beings, who all have a lust for adventure.

7. Dumbo Feather

If you’ve got a thing for extraordinary stories that’ll take you way out of your head, check out Dumbo Feather’s bimonthly podcast. Each episode focuses on one exceptional human, like Lucy Peach, a folk singer and period queen, Belinda Baggs, a surfer and climate activist, and Peter Wohlleben, who has revolutionised our understanding of trees.

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