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B Corp Month is here! And it’s kind of a big deal

March 1, 2024
March 7, 2023

It’s B Corp Month for 2023, and this year’s theme is ‘We Go Beyond’. We’ve been a proud B Corp for three years running, so we thought it’d be worth looking back on that journey, and checking out some Bank Australia B Corp customers who are doing amazing things.

If you haven’t heard the words “B Corp Certification” before, here’s a quick explainer

Basically, B Corp is the global benchmark for a business being a force for good. If you get the B Corp tick, it means your business has achieved one of the highest and most rigorous forms of social and environmental certification on the planet. It’s a big deal.

Bank Australia became a proud B Corp in 2020. It was a huge effort from the whole team, and the audit process covered everything from governance and community work to environmental impact, the strength of our supply chain, even the provenance of our office toilet paper. No part of the business was left untouched (or unimproved). It wasn’t easy, but that’s kind of the point. 

Bank Australia isn’t the only B Corp in Australia. Far from it! In fact, plenty of our customers have started their own B Corp journey. 

Market Lane makes coffee, for good  

Ever since they opened in 2009, Melbourne’s Market Lane has always been committed to sustainability. But in 2022 they knuckled down and got serious, joining the global B Corp community. 

“A major reason we decided to embark on the B Corp accreditation process was for the process itself,” says co-owner Fleur Studd. “It cuts through the noise – in our industry and all industries – and holds us accountable to our own high standards. We believe that coffee should be good for everyone.”

Market Lane is 100% carbon neutral across their entire supply chain, and they pay their coffee suppliers a premium, way above the Fair Trade price floor. If you’re looking for an ethical cup, this is the spot. 

A barista serves coffee to a customer through an open window
Photo Credit - Abi Varney

Wrappr wraps with purpose

Wrapping vehicles for outdoor advertising might not seem like your traditional ‘green’ business, but that’s partly what got Wrappr co-founders Jonte and Liam excited about B Corp. 

“Back in 2017, we didn't have a good framework to assess Wrappr's impact and therefore hadn't established a good foundation from which to improve,” says Jonte. “We chose to pursue B Corp certification as it gave us that framework, and enabled us to think deeply about our impact from all angles – many of which we hadn't previously considered.”

Wrappr currently has a 200% carbon offset program, conducted and accredited through Greenfleet, and they’re even offering an extra $100 every month to any Wrappr drivers who switch to EVs. Nice stuff! 

A telsa in front on a passing tram. The car is blue with the "wrapper" text on the hood

Milkwood is growing intentionally

Milkwood runs permaculture classes in Tasmania, which sounds like a pretty good fit for B Corp. Still, that didn’t make the accreditation process any easier.

“Even though we thought we were doing a good job, the certification showed we still had lots of places to improve!” says co-founder Nick Ritar. “But that’s exactly what we wanted from the process. It means we’re not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk.”

Milkwood is all about down-to-earth living and regenerative agriculture. But also learning, education, the willingness to grow and improve. “B Corp isn’t just a badge of honour,” Nick says. “It’s a responsibility to continue to strive towards creating a positive impact on the world.” 

A family outside, tending to a garden

Silver Lining harnesses creativity for good

Silver Lining is a Melbourne-based creative agency. Their tagline is: “We use creativity to change the world for good.” It’s rare to find an agency that’s for-purpose, not-for-profit, and a B Corp, all at the same time.

“Advertising is usually opposed to the values of a purpose-driven business,” says founder and managing director, Jonny Clow. “It was founded on capitalism…presenting consumption as an answer. But what if we could use the same principles of persuasion, but with the ultimate action of doing some good?” 

One thing Jonny liked about B Corp was that you couldn’t “wing” or “fake” your way into it. Your company was either up to standard, or it wasn’t. “It separates those who say vs those who do,” he says. “It’s a hard and long process and rightly so, but the reward is well worth the wait.”

Sliver Linings Johnny and Ash stand behind a spiral staircase

Want to learn more about B Corp? We’ve written about our own journey over here, and you can check out B Corp Month for all the latest news. 

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