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Rohullah stands inside an office room, smiling

Kick-starting Rohullah’s career in banking through our internship program

February 21, 2024
November 22, 2023

Rohullah is one of our Relief Customer Service Consultants, who began his career with Bank Australia as an intern at our Kew branch. Rohullah studied economics and finance in Afghanistan but made the difficult decision to leave his country due to ongoing conflict and limited opportunities.

Rohullah made his way to Greece, where he began working as an interpreter with the UNICEF education program and United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on their refugee resettlement program, since he speaks multiple languages.

Rohullah’s work assisting refugees in temporary settlement camps with their search for secure accommodation led him to meet his Australian partner, who was volunteering as a lawyer for not-for-profit advocacy organisation Advocates Abroad.

During the pandemic, travel restrictions and border closures were challenging for their relationship, but upon receiving his partner visa in 2021 Rohullah moved to Australia. He then connected with the Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) during his search for work.

BSL has been a partner of Bank Australia since 2017, and each year our bank offers internships through BSL’s Given the Chance program. This program is focused on kick-staring the careers of people facing challenges entering the Australian workforce. This includes refugees, people seeking asylum and people on temporary visas.

Rohullah found he was often ineligible to apply for jobs as he was not a Permanent Resident, and he was glad that BSL connected him with an opportunity where his visa status was not a barrier. After hearing about the Bank Australia internship in financial services, Rohullah was eager to apply.

“I’ve felt so supported through the entire process, right from that first interview. I still remember on my first day how incredibly warm and welcoming everyone was,” says Rohullah.

Rohullah’s internship gave him the chance to work at several branches, including in Sydney, regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. Being part of teams across different locations gave him insight into the shared values of his colleagues at the bank.

“This is a workplace that really aligns with my values. Social justice is an issue close to my heart and I feel lucky to work in a place where helping people is a top priority.”

Rohullah is now in a permanent position with Bank Australia and looks forward to continuing to have a meaningful impact through his work.

“I think Bank Australia is a place with lots of opportunities for people from different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is taking those opportunities and building your future.”

You can find out more about career opportunities, including internships, on the Bank Australia careers page.

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