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2022-01-19 3:13 pm

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2022-01-10 11:44 am
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Meet our trainee Guilain

November 24, 2021
June 9, 2020
It’s been 9 months since Guilain started his Brotherhood of St Laurence traineeship with us. There’s two parts to it: Working in the branch and helping our sustainability team with the greenhouse gas framework project.

What’s the greenhouse gas framework project?

“It’s a really interesting project, it helps measure the carbon emissions through our electricity, gas consumption and other factors like transport used by employees. I have the data analytics part, pulling data from sources, validating them and building an automated process to do the validation and correction of data.”

Jarrod, Bank Australia’s senior sustainability consultant said “this work is critical to improving the visibility of our environmental impact, so that we know where to focus our efforts on continuous improvement. Guilain’s analytical skills have helped the whole process run smoothly, because he knows all the secrets to building a super clever spreadsheet, saving everyone time along the way.”

But, what’s he actually learnt?

Turns out a whole heap! From helping out new customers and learning about new products to reporting and reducing carbon emissions. But the most important thing? “Confidence and to always stay positive”, Guilain says. “These two values helped me learn and understand the work… I’ve been so grateful for the flexibility and the arrangement where I’ve been able to work as a customer service consultant and a data analyst and using my skills to contribute to the bank’s projects.”

And it turns out a bank branch is much more than just a branch…

“I used to think that the branch’s work is about cash transactions… but I came to realise that working in the branch is the best place to start for someone who wants to get a good start in their career in the banking industry.”

“It exposed me to know so much about various products, services and how we serve customers and run the bank’s activities.”

What’s next for Guilain?

“I’ve learned that we don’t only work for the company – we also work for the community. I’m looking forward to an opportunity where I can utilise my customer service skills, business analytics and data analytics skills to contribute to the growth of an organisation and have a positive impact on community wellbeing.”

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