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We’re partnering with 'A Positive Climate' podcast

August 11, 2023
July 19, 2023

We’re excited to partner with A Positive Climate podcast to showcase the Australian-made solutions making a real impact in climate change.

Hosted by industry experts Nick Zeltzer and Alex Mcintosh, the fourth season of the “uplifting podcast about tackling climate change” is focusing on Australia’s most innovative sustainable startups.

"The hottest week ever recorded just happened at the start of July. So to turn the tide, now more than ever, we need to find and deploy the solutions that really matter. And it's exciting that a lot of these innovations are coming from right here, in Australia" said Nick

The startups featured have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to reach global customers and are addressing areas like plastic recycling, solar energy, electric vehicles, lithium and sustainable dairy.

“Our philosophy is that to flip the script on climate change, we are going to need a broad range of solutions and we are all going to have a role to play. We try to ensure the podcast is as accessible and as interesting as possible to a broad range of listeners. So we love that our audience includes everyone from school students to hardcore engineers” said Alex.

Nick Zeltzer and Alex Mcintosh hosts of A Positive Climate

And the partnership is especially sweet for Nick and Alex given Bank Australia has been in their sights from day one.

“Before we even owned a podcast mic, Bank Australia, with their solutions focus, have been on our list for potential partners. So after three seasons, we’re thrilled to have their support” said Nick.

Alex currently works at the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (previously working at KPMG) and Nick advises startups and corporates on the climate transition (with previous roles at the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Macquarie).

The ten episode partnership, released fortnightly on Tuesdays, is available on all podcast platforms or via

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