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2021-11-30 2:45 pm
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Commercial Loan

Our range of commercial loans for business growth and debt management.

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Our rates

Secured Loan                                          Unsecured Loan
Fixed interest rate
1, 2, 3 or 5 year term
Effective 24 November 2021
Variable interest rate

Effective 24 November 2021

Residential security                                General Commercial Security
from                                                           from
Variable interest rate
Effective 24 November 2021
Variable interest rate
Effective 24 November 2021

Who it's for

  • Sole traders
  • Partnerships
  • Pty Ltd and public companies
  • Associations
  • Co-operatives
  • Local councils and government entities
  • Government schools

What it’s for

You can apply for a commercial loan to help grow your business, buy new assets, invest in property, or consolidate business debt – essentially, any worthwhile purpose for your business.

What you get

"It was so simple to set up my business accounts with Bank Australia. Great customer service and product knowledge"
Erin, Bank Australia business customer

Make extra repayments

You can make extra repayments on variable rate commercial loans whenever business is booming or budget allows.

Fee-free and fixable

There are no ongoing fees, just the one upfront establishment fee. Plus the option to fix your rate. 

Pay it off early 

You’re not locked in with our variable rate option. Pay your loan off whenever suits, with no early repayment fee.

Choice of repayments

Choose repayment timings to suit your finances – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Interest only, if you like

You can apply to just pay the interest on this loan if that suits your business better

Calculate your repayments

See what your repayments could be with a Commercial Loan.

The clean money movement

Together with our customers, we are reinventing capitalism and writing a new narrative. Money beyond self-interest. Money that makes the world better and regenerates ecosystems that protect people and the planet. We call it clean money.

By doing your business banking with us, you’re stepping up to join the clean money movement, too.

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Fees and charges

Here’s what to expect with our Commercial Loan. Good to know too is that establishment costs such as solicitor or valuation costs also apply – we provide a quote for these in the loan assessment phase.
What it's for
Establishment fee (% of loan amount)
0.5% (min. $100)
Monthly fee
Early repayment fee (variable rate loan)
Fixed rate break fee
Varies per loan amount

It pays to know. Please read the Product Disclosure Document and see all fees and charges before deciding if this account is right for you. See all rates and fees.

Money, People & Planet

See more at the Bank Australia blog

The fine print

General advice warning: In providing you with this information you should consider the appropriateness of this advice with regards to your particular financial situation and needs. You should consult the Product Disclosure Documents before making a decision to apply for products with Bank Australia.

Bank Australia is committed to delivering memorable and superior service to all customers. We welcome your feedback, compliments and/or complaints about our performance.

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