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Banking numbers and VIP tokens

You’ve joined a new bank and have a few new numbers and systems to remember. Like our BSB, your customer number and those Symantec VIP tokens. Here’s what you need to know.

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Account number

Each account has a unique number, including credit cards and offset accounts. You can find yours in the app, internet banking.

Tip for direct debits

Using your Visa Debit card for direct debit? Instead of providing the card number when setting it up, provide the account number. That way, you won’t need to update the details with the merchant when your card expires. 

Bank Australia BSB 

Our BSB is 313 140.

Customer number

Everyone gets their own Bank Australia customer number. You use it to access internet banking every time, and the app for the first time. We send it to you via email when you first join. 

Please do not use your customer number for direct debits.


That’s the 3-digit number on the back of your Bank Australia Visa card. It’s used for added security when making online and phone payments with debit and credit cards. If you’re wondering, it stands for ‘card verification value’. 



You have different passwords for internet banking and the app:

  • Internet banking – this is an 8-16 character password
  • App – this is a 4-digit PIN, which you set the first time you log in to the app

If you join Bank Australia online, you’ll create an internet banking password during the onboarding process. If you register for internet banking later, or you request a password reset, you’ll be given a temporary password (your date of birth, in 8 digits). 


If you have a debit or credit card, you’ll have a PIN for these too. To change these in the app and internet banking, go to the card management tab – just make sure you’ve set up secure SMS first.


To transact on your accounts with the help of Bank Australia customer care, you need a security password or VoiceID. Otherwise you will only be able to make general enquiries.

To choose a security password, download and complete the Telephone Banking Security Password application. The form will need to be posted. If you have access to Secure Mail, you can submit a new security password in a message to us.

Voice ID set-up

VoiceID is a secure way to log into your account. Where a PIN could be guessable, your voice is unique to you and only you. It only takes a phone call to set up. 

How it works:

After you’ve been speaking with us for less than 1 minute, we capture your voice print. If you agree to register for VoiceID, we do this for you on the spot. If you’d rather not use the feature, we delete your print. 

Symantec VIP tokens

Some banks use text messages for an extra layer of security called ‘two-factor authentication’. We use Symantec VIP for our text service, an app you can download to multiple devices.  

When you’re logged in and completing sensitive updates like changing your personal details, it generates a one time code to accept on your device before you can continue. It only takes a few moments.

Need help?

Send us a secure message in the app or internet banking 

Or call us

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