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24 May 2022 - Update on contact centre wait times: Recently our customers have been experiencing unusually (and unacceptably) long waiting times when calling our contact centre. We apologise for this inconvenience and are taking important steps to improve. Read more here.

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2022-04-28 10:05 am
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Internet banking

How to register for internet banking, move money around and troubleshoot.

What’s on this page

Just getting started with internet banking? Learn how to register, log in, transfer funds and set up SMS alerts.

Here's the link if you're ready to log on now.

Register for internet banking

To get started, please call us. You need your customer number handy. 

The first time you log in you will be prompted to change your password. Please do this in your first 30 days with us.

Once registered, you’re good to go with banking from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. 

You can also use your customer number and password to register for the Bank Australia app for more banking on the go. 

Logging in

New and can’t log in?

This could be because you haven’t changed your password yet. (It needs to be changed within the first 30 days.) 

You can call us to reset your password.

Blocked and can’t log in?

Account access is temporarily blocked after three incorrect attempts at entering an internet banking password on any given day. It becomes unblocked at midnight of the same day – at which point you can try again.

Get a new password

You can do it yourself in internet banking or you can call us

In internet banking:

  • Click the ‘Forgotten password’ link 
  • Answer the security questions
  • Receive a temporary password via SMS 
  • Change your password

Transferring funds from your account 

Select ‘Transfer and pay’ from the main menu in internet banking to pay someone else,  schedule a transfer or make an international transfer. 

  • Local transfers – you’re prompted to set up a new payee first. 
  • International transfers – you must accept or enter a passcode on your phone first. 
Have your mobile handy

Your mobile is your second line of security. We use it to send codes to you to be sure it’s you. If you want to make transfers greater than $2,000 (or $10,000 for BPAY) you will also need to download the Symantec VIP app.

About SMS alerts

You can switch on SMS alerts to receive information about your account directly to your mobile. Each alert costs 25 cents, and you can change your preferences anytime.

For example:

  • When certain transactions occur
  • When your balance reaches a specified amount 

How to set up SMS alerts 

  1. Log into internet banking
  2. Select ‘Services > Alerts > Request SMS code > Enter code > Validate’
  3. Select the cog to view alert settings and choose whether the alert is sent via email or SMS, and whether the alert will be ongoing or for a certain period
  4. Select 'Create alert' and choose from the following:
  • Global – Alerts can be set for direct debits and/or credit across all accounts
  • Account – Alert can be set when an account balance reaches a certain threshold
  • Card – Alert can be set for individual cards

Need help?

Send us a secure message via the app or internet banking

Or call us