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Mobile phone security

If you bank on your phone, you should look after it like you do your wallet.

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Locking your mobile devices

Ensure your mobile phone is protected by passwords or a fingerprint if you can. Store your mobile phone in a secure location. It only takes a swipe across the screen for someone to gain information from a newer model phone that has no security features enabled.

Losing your mobile device

If you lose your mobile phone, contact your financial institution immediately and let them know. At Bank Australia we can remotely delete a mobile app or delete a phone number from the banking system to ensure SMSs are not sent to the phone.

Cleaning your mobile device

If you are intending to sell or give away a mobile, make sure you:

  • delete all personal text messages
  • remove all personal information including photos
  • delete all banking applications.

Disclosing information

Do not disclose personal information via a text message. This includes identification information, account numbers and passwords. If the message recipient does not have up-to-date security on their phone or does not "clean" their phone before selling it on to someone else, then you may be a subject for identity theft fraud.

Only using official apps

When you download an application, make sure that you use the official stores (Google Play for Androids or the App Store for Apples). You want to be sure that you are installing a genuine app, not a fake. This is especially important for banking apps.

Using virus scanning software

Ensure your anti-virus software is the latest version and firewall software is on your tablet or smart phone.

Clearing your browsing history

Some mobile phones and tablets store a copy of the web pages that you have accessed over a period of time. Ensure you regularly clear the cache (the place where these files are stored) that your browser uses.

Being careful with free downloads

Free applications, screensavers or software can be subject to spyware and malware. Always ensure you only download genuine products.

Mobile phone porting

Mobile phone porting is when your mobile service is transferred, or ‘ported’, from one provider (Telco A) to another one (Telco B). Porting is something you might do if you change your own mobile phone company from Telco A to Telco B to get a better deal. The problem occurs when your number is ported without your knowledge or permission.

Mobile phone porting can occur when scammers, who have compromised your personal credentials including your mobile phone number, transfer your phone number to another provider so they can receive any security codes, including those from Bank Australia, you receive.

If your mobile phone has been transferred to another provider without your permission, please contact us immediately.

If your mobile phone service is suddenly disconnected or not receiving service, then this could be a warning sign that your mobile phone has been transferred to another provider. You should telephone your mobile provider immediately to confirm why your mobile service is not working.

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