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Scam alert - fake investment offer: A fake document, developed by scammers, claiming to offer investment in a ‘Bank Australia emerging market fund’ is being circulated. This offer is a scam. This is not a legitimate offer from Bank Australia. Find out more

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2022-01-19 3:13 pm

Important update to our branch network & contact centre: Due to the spread of COVID-19 in the community many of our staff have been impacted. This is causing disruption to our branch network and long wait times when calling 132 888. Find out more.

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2022-01-10 11:44 am
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Online shopping tips

Love a little online shopping? Here’s how to keep your bank details and personal information safe.

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Look for the ‘s’ in ‘https’

Secure websites will have an ‘s’ for security after ‘http’. You’ll also know a site is secure if you can see an icon for a locked padlock in the browser – either on the address bar or in the bottom right corner.

Use current virus protection software

Always ensure you have the most up-to-date version of virus protection software on your computer to help prevent fraudsters getting in.

You could also use a URL scanning tool on your browser. This alerts you before you click on links leading to infected web pages.

Keep your personal information private

Consider creating a separate email account just for shopping, with its own unique password. This dedicated shopping email account should not be affiliated with your personal, everyday email account. 

Print or file your receipts

Keep records of your online shopping – print confirmation pages and email confirmations so if you ever have to contest a purchase, you’ve got the details handy.

Use common sense

Make sure you use reasonable judgment when buying online. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you haven’t shopped with a brand before, do some research before you share your personal details with them. Google their reputation and seek out customer reviews. Look for a  physical address and contact phone number, too. 

Check the return policy

Make sure you understand the refund and return policies of any online retailer you’re planning to buy from, especially if they are overseas – just in case something were to go wrong.

Beware of free trials

Be cautious of sites offering free trials where personal information and payment details (such as card information) must be provided upfront. Before you provide any details, read the terms and conditions – which should state how the merchant will use your information. Only provide your information if you’re comfortable with their terms.

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