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A man stands towards a metallic sculpture of a tree at sunset

Celebrating the value of nature with Greening Australia

March 5, 2024
May 2, 2022

How does our community value nature? What cost will we incur by not acting to protect it? These are the questions inspiring The Money Tree – an artwork to spark reflection, hope and action.

The Money Tree installation is presented by Greening Australia and Bank Australia in honour of Greening Australia’s 40th anniversary.

Get involved: What does valuing nature mean to you?

How do you value nature in your everyday life? How do you think Australia and the global community can better value nature? You can visit and take a photo of the Money Tree while it’s in situ at the State Library of Victoria from 5-11 April 2022. (It could be a great school holiday activity!) Can’t get there in person? Share a snap of your favourite nature spot. Post it on social media, and tag us @greeningaustralia @bankaust with hashtag #IValueNature to help us keep the conversation going.

You can also search ‘Bank Australia’ in the GIF section of Instagram Stories to demonstrate your support for our environment and the climate.

Download our Money Tree Activity Sheet to create your own Money Tree

Together we’ve been protecting and restoring nature at our conservation reserve

Bank Australia shares a vision with Greening Australia of creating a world where people and the planet thrive. That’s why we purchased our conservation reserve on behalf of our customers, and brought Greening Australia and Trust for Nature on board to help manage and rehabilitate the land.

The conservation reserve is on the traditional lands of the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagulk Peoples, in the West Wimmera region of Victoria. 2,117 hectares of habitat are now protected in perpetuity, and we work together to ensure the reserve is managed as an outstanding example of science-led conservation and restoration, community engagement and reconciliation in practice.

A man stands beside a tree, placing one hand on the trunk

Damien Walsh, Managing Director

Damien Walsh stands outside wearing a formal business attire

“Our customers told us they care deeply about acting on climate change and protecting Australia’s threatened species. Since 2008 we’ve been restoring habitat at the reserve, offsetting some of the environmental impact of our lending activities, creating a place where wildlife and plants flourish, resilient carbon stores grow, and culture is celebrated,” says Damien Walsh, our Managing Director. “The Money Tree calls us to imagine a world of ‘mutual prosperity’ in action, where all businesses do their part to create a healthier planet in the face of climate change by supporting the environment that supports us. Where we put our money matters."

White paper -Valuing nature: Climate action and the economy

We believe you don’t have to choose the economy or the environment.

We believe one can’t thrive without the other.

The white paper is a document developed by Greening Australia which highlights the economic and scientific data that backs this up and discusses the way forward.

Download the white paper

Metallic sculpture of a tree with a bird sitting on a branch

Greening Australia: four decades of restoring natural landscapes

For 40 years, Greening Australia has worked to regenerate and restore nature. Their programs deliver large-scale landscape restoration across Australia, covering thousands of hectares of land and protecting hundreds of species of native plants and wildlife.

The sun shines through the branches of two trees

Discover more about The Money Tree and Greening Australia.

We're the bank for people who value nature

We’re the only bank in the world with a conservation reserve. Our responsible banking policy underpins our commitment to use money as a force for good. And you might not realise that the money in your bank account doesn’t just sit there – banks use it to lend and invest.

Read more about our clean money promise

Ready to make the switch?

If you want to make sure your money isn’t used to fund industries that don’t align with your values – like fossil fuels –we’re the bank for you.

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