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Each year we invest 4% of after-tax profits into the Bank Australia Impact Fund to support projects that do good for people and the planet.

As a customer owned bank, we think it’s important to support the incredible community organisations who choose to bank with us – and by doing so, be part of the clean money movement.

So, every year, we use part of our Impact Fund to offer our Community Customer Grants.

Meet our 2020 Grant Recipients

What are the Community Customer Grants?

Our Community Customer Grants are for our community customers – organisations not individuals – who are having amazing impact for people or the planet.

Our Community Customer Grants fund projects that have a positive impact in areas that are important to our customers:

  • Climate change
  • Environmental conservation
  • Refugees and people seeking asylum
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion of people and communities (including people who are LGBTQI+, live with disability, or are experiencing financial or educational exclusion)
  • Family and gendered violence
  • Homelessness
  • Reconciliation
  • Animal welfare

2020 Community Customer Grants have now closed.

Frequently asked questions

When does the next grant round open?

Our community customer grants are an open funding round we run annually. Our next grant round will open March 2021. Exact date announced 2021.

Can only not for profits apply?

Organisations do not necessarily have to be not for profit to apply. For example, schools or social enterprises can apply as long as they meet the other eligibility criteria.

My organisation is a Bank Australia customer, but we joined the bank less than one year ago. Can we still apply for funding under the 2020 Community Customer Grants Round?

No, only organisations that will have been customers of Bank Australia for one year by 30 June 2021 are eligible to apply in the next grant round.

Did these grants used to be called something else?

Yes! For the past few years they were called the Customer Grants. We got feedback that this wasn’t clear enough that the grants are for community customers (that is, organisations) rather than individual customers, so we updated the name.

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