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Credit card rates and features

Learn about our credit card range to find out which option best suits your needs and finances.

Our range of credit cards 

Low Rate Visa Credit card – our lowest interest rate

Visa Credit card – no annual fee

Platinum Rewards Visa Credit card – rewards credit card

Commercial Visa Credit card – for business customers

Rates and fees

See and compare Bank Australia credit card rates and fees.

Interest free days

What are interest free days?

This refers to the number of days when you don’t have to pay interest on your credit card for a purchase. The number of interest free days will depend on the credit card you have chosen and whether you pay the closing balance by the statement due date. 

Which Bank Australia credit cards offer interest free days?

Managing your account

See articles on statements, moving money and more, plus ways to bank with Bank Australia.

Where are the card terms and conditions?

Need help?

Send us a secure message in the app or internet banking 

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