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Everyday account rates and features

Learn about our transaction accounts for children, adults, businesses and people on a pension. See also popular features, fees, and our terms and conditions.

Our range of transaction accounts 

Everyday Access – people aged 13+ (or younger with a parent/guardian)

Basic Access – for health care and concession card holders

Pension Access – for those on an aged, veterans or disability pension

Commercial Access – for companies, SMEs, sole traders and more

Community Access – for schools and not-for-profit organisations

Popular features for personal customers:

Round up for saving while you spend, card controls for customising your preferences, and digital wallet for making payments with your mobile.

Rates and fees

See and compare Bank Australia transaction rates and fees.

How do I avoid monthly fees?

For personal customers, we waive the $5 monthly account fee if any of these apply to you:

Managing your account

See articles on statements, moving money and more, plus ways to bank with Bank Australia.

What is the Government guarantee?

The guarantee protects customer deposits of up to $250,000 with authorised banks under what’s called the Financial Claims Scheme. It’s there in the event that a bank goes out of business. 

Where are the account terms and conditions?

Common questions about our accounts

Everyday Access

I'm under 13 years of age, can I open an account?

Call us or visit a branch with a parent or guardian and their ID.

Pension Access

Can I earn interest on Pension Access?

Yes, interest is calculated daily on a portion of your balance and credited quarterly. Visit Pension Access for details. 

Basic Access

What kind of pension do I need to be on? 

A Commonwealth Seniors Health card, Pensioner Concession card or Health Care card.

Need help?

Send us a secure message in the app or internet banking

Or call us

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