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Home loan rates and features

Learn about our home loan range, including managing your account, making repayments, and our terms and conditions.

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Our range of home loans 

Compare our home loans – see loans side by side and compare rates and features

Basic Home Loan – the low fee, low rate home loan

Premium Home Loan Package – full featured home loan with 100% offset

Clean Energy Home Loan – reduced interest rates for going green

Rates and fees

See and compare Bank Australia home loan rates and fees.

Repayments and offset

Can you pay extra off your home loan?

Yes, you can make unlimited extra repayments on our variable rate home loans without penalty and access the extra funds whenever you need them.

If you’re on a fixed rate, you can make additional repayments up to $30,000 within the fixed term period. If you go over this amount, a break fee may apply.

How does the offset work?

Our Mortgage Offset account is an account that’s linked to your home loan. It’s like an everyday transaction account – you can use it for everyday expenses, and move money in or out of it whenever you like. Your salary can go straight into your offset account too.

But it’s more than just a transaction account. Think of it like a piggy bank for your home loan. It helps you save on interest and potentially pay off your loan sooner.

Read more about how offsets work.

Jargon explained

Take a look at the language of lending for the basics and explore our resources for first home buyers and refinancing.

Managing your account

See articles on statements, moving money and more, plus ways to bank with Bank Australia.

Where are the loan terms and conditions?

Here are the Bank Australia home loan terms and conditions. You may also wish to check your copy of your home loan contract for details specific to you. 

Common questions about our loans

How do I redraw from my home loan?

If you're ahead with your repayments on any of our home loans, you can log into the app or internet banking and transfer the available funds from your home loan to your Everyday Access account. You can also call us to arrange a transfer over the phone.

No fee applies for redraw on any of our home loan pro

Read about how redraw works.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a Clean Energy Home Loan?

There are 2 ways ‘in’ to this loan for 7+star properties and property upgrades.

What is involved in paying out and discharging my home loan?

If you are selling your home, please contact us via phone or email to initiate the discharge process.

There's some excellent information to assist with the process for discharging your mortgage at Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

See also this link to finding your state’s land titles office.

If you are looking to refinance your Bank Australia home loan

We need a completed discharge request from the financial institution you are refinancing to. Please contact us via phone or email to initiate the discharge process.

How do I find a pay-out figure on my home loan?

You can get a payout figure by contacting us. This payout figure is valid for the date requested. The balance that you view in internet banking does not include any interest accrued, or any fees and charges which may be applicable.

Need help?

Send us a secure message in the app or internet banking

Or call us

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