Switch your bank to the clean money movement

It's easier than you think

While it’s life admin when switching your banking and direct debits, it’s worth it to know your money is doing good, not harm, for people and the planet.

Many people don’t realise that the money in your bank account doesn’t just sit there. Banks use it to lend and invest – which shapes the world we all live in. So align your banking with your values: switch to an ethical bank today.

What ethical banking means to us?

To us, ethical banking means making decisions that benefit people and the planet. We live our values through investing and lending in line with our responsible banking policy. We don’t fund harmful industries like fossil fuels, weapons and gambling, and we do support clean energy transition, protecting nature, and social and affordable housing.

Follow these steps to switch to clean money

1. Start here

Open an Everyday Access account online. It’ll take you 5 minutes. If you want a savings account, open one of those too.

Download the Bank Australia App from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’re in, set up your Round UP, card controls and change your PIN.

Make faster, simple payments with PayID.

2. Get organised

Jump into your old bank’s app and transfer your money over, both your every transaction account and your savings.

Email HR, fill in the form, text your boss – however your work manages personal details, update yours to make sure your pay finds you.

Send us this switch regular payments form and we can transfer direct credits and debits to your new Bank Australia account. (We can’t move recurring payments or credit card payments.)

3. Complete the finishing touches

Streaming services, online shopping
Memberships e.g. gym, news sites
Your bills and payments e.g. paypal
Government services e.g. Medicare, ATO

Contact your old bank and close those accounts. Also ask your bank to provide a list of all your direct debits and recurring payments from the last 13 months.

Text your friends and family your new BSB (313 140) and account number. When your card arrives, set up Apple/Samsung Pay on your phone.

Together, we’re investing in the solutions.
Not the problems.

Some things we do invest in

What we don't invest in

Fossil fuels
Live animal export
Arms industry
Read more about what Bank Australia invests in
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Join the clean money movement

Get started in less than 5 minutes – all you need is your driver’s licence or passport, and your Medicare card.

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