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Interest rate on portion above $50,001+
0.45% p.a.

effective 25 February 2021

More rates and fees
Other Rates
Balance Interest Rate
$0-$4,999 0.00%
$5000-$50,000 0.20% p.a.
$50,001+ 0.45% p.a.

An everyday bank account that can create 
positive impact

You can help make a positive impact

By banking with us, your money helps create positive impact. We lend to community housing providers to help build affordable and social housing for people who need it. 

No monthly account fee

There are no transaction or monthly fees on this account.

Access your money anytime, anywhere

Manage your money 24/7 with our app and Internet Banking, plus over 10,000 free ATMs with Bank Australia and all major banks.

Why choose
our Pension

Get instant access to your Visa debit card

The days of having to wait for your card in the mail are over. Securely view your card details (full card number, expiry date, embossed name and CCV) from the App or Internet Banking.

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No more waiting

If you sign up online or already have an existing card with Bank Australia, you will instantly receive a digital version of your card, available via the App or Internet Banking.

Add to your digital wallet

Add your new digital card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay to start spending straight away. No need to wait for your physical card to arrive.

Cancel, reorder and go

If you need to cancel your card, you can reorder it via the App or Internet Banking and instantly receive your new digital card, which will be available in the App or Internet Banking.

It all adds up with Round UP

Let your small change grow your savings.

Everything you need to know about this account

Who can apply?

To open a new Pension Access account, you’ll need to be in receipt of an eligible pension (including an aged, disability or veterans government pension) and agree to have that pension paid into the account. You must also have an Australian residential address.

Rates and fees

There are no transaction or monthly fees on this account. Before making a decision, please read our Product Disclosure Statement. 

All rates and fees

A truly responsible bank can make society better

We use the money our customers deposit to make loans to people, community organisations and businesses that create positive change. When you bank with Bank Australia, you can be confident your money is working towards a positive and more sustainable future. 

That’s why we’re the bank with clean money.

The fine print

* In providing you with this information you should consider the appropriateness of this advice with regards to your particular financial situation and needs. You should consult the Product Disclosure Documents before making a decision to apply for products with Bank Australia.

Available to customers who are in receipt of an aged, disability or veteran government pension. Eligible pension must be credited to this account. Overdraft facility may be attached to account (approval criteria applies).

Bank Australia is committed to delivering memorable and superior service to all customers. We welcome your feedback, compliments and/or complaints about our performance.

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