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From 1 December 2020, we will no longer be authorising gambling on any of our credit cards.

Why this change?

Around the world, changes have been made to limit the use of credit cards for gambling. We believe these measures make sense, and help address some of the harms associated with gambling transactions on credit cards and help prevent problematic credit card debt.

The Australian Banking Association has renewed a discussion with its members, including us, about taking steps to prevent harm to customers. This means many other banks are also taking steps to limit gambling on credit cards.

You can still gamble with your own money, such as via your Visa Debit card.

Gambling and our Responsible Banking Policy

Under our Responsible Banking Policy, we don’t lend money to the gambling industry including casinos, online gambling operators or businesses that derive revenue directly from poker machines or sports betting. So not authorising gambling on credit cards is an extension of our existing lending policy.

It’s what our customers want

Our research shows the majority of our customers believe that credit cards should not be used for gambling. And as a customer owned bank, our customers’ opinions are a big part of our decision making.

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Frequently asked questions

When will gambling be blocked on my credit card?

From 1 December 2020, you’ll no longer be able to use your credit card to make transactions related to gambling or lotteries. We will be doing this by blocking transactions from merchants that are classified under the gambling merchant category code.

Why are you making this change?

Bank Australia lends money in responsible ways, and aims to avoid types of lending that can cause harm to people. Credit cards are a form of lending, and in line with our Responsible Banking Policy commitment to not lend to the gambling industry, we have decided to block gambling and gaming transactions on credit cards.

What transactions will be included as “gambling or gaming transactions”?

All gambling and gaming transactions. For example, pokies, online gambling, casinos, government lotteries, and horse and dog racing will no longer be authorised on your credit card.

We identify transactions based on information provided by the merchant and their bank. We will not authorise transactions on your credit card from merchants that are registered as a gambling business.

This means that if the merchant has registered their main business category as something other than gambling or gaming, we may not be able to identify the purchase that you make from them correctly. As a result, a transaction may be processed even though the transaction is for gambling or gaming purposes. If this occurs, you’ll continue to be responsible for these and all charges on your credit card.

My transaction wasn’t related to gambling or lotteries, but it was declined. What should I do?

Check whether you have activated card controls on your card by visiting the App > Card Management > Card Controls that may stop the transaction being processed.

Otherwise, please give us a call on 132 888 and we will investigate it for you.

Does this apply to all Bank Australia Credit Cards?

Yes, this applies to all Bank Australia credit cards. From 1 December 2020, gambling and lottery transactions will not be authorised an all Bank Australia credit cards.

Does this apply to my Bank Australia debit card?

No, you can still use your Visa Debit card that’s link to a transaction account. The difference is this is your money, rather than loaned money as with a credit card.

Will I be able to see that a gambling or lottery transaction has been blocked?

You won’t be able to see anything on your account statement. You will see a generic “transaction declined” message at point of sale.

Can I opt out of this change?

No, this change will apply to all Bank Australia credit cards and you cannot opt out of it.

Will these changes apply to other cardholders on my credit card?

Yes, this will apply to all primary and additional cardholders.

Why does bank Australia want to tell me how to spend my money?

We want to try and minimise harm to our customers by ensuring you don’t use credit – which is a loan, so a form of debt – to gamble.

We’ve conducted research among our customers and the majority agree that credit cards shouldn’t be used for gambling.

Can you tell me where I can get help for my gambling?

If you’re worried about your gambling, or someone else’s, and you’d like to speak to an independent person, please call the Gambling Help Line on 1800 858 858 or visit for information and support.