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Customer alert update: Due to a technical issue monthly interest payments have not been paid to Bonus Saver and mySaver accounts. The problem has been identified and the bonus interest payments issue will be resolved overnight (1 June 2020). We will pay bonus interest at the previous interest rates (1.34%p.a. for Bonus Saver or 1.54% for mySaver + 0.01%p.a. base rate) effective to 31 May 2020 to all eligible account holders. The new interest rates announced on 28 May 2020 will now apply from 1 June 2020. The interest payment for May will now appear on your June statement, and in Internet Banking and the App. Again, we are very sorry for the delay in paying your interest and any inconvenience caused. View details


What are the daily transaction limits?

The default limits per transaction type include:

  • Internal transfer (between customer) $50,000
  • External transfers $2,000
  • International transfers $2,000
  • Bpay $10,000 or $2,000 via telephone banking
  • ATM/EFTPOS Cash Withdrawal $1,000
  • Paywave (under $100) $1,000
  • Paywave (insert card and PIN) – up to the balance of the account

Transactions conducted through our branch network have higher limits. Please contact the bank on 132 888 - see Contact Us for operating hours.